For Sale

As I did last year, I’m selling off a few more bits to hone my core kit camera kit ever further.

Up for grabs is a cracking little Samsung branded Pentax K mount DSLR, the GX-1S, the “plastic fantastic” Pentax-DA 35/2.4 AF lens it suits so well, and an M42 tele beauty, the Jupiter-37A 135/3.5.


See more on the reactivated For Sale page.

Thanks for looking! 

2 thoughts on “For Sale”

    1. Frank, yes it’s a fabulous lens. Coming from mostly all metal manual focus lenses like the wonderful Takumars, and K mount Pentax-M and A series, I had serious doubts that I’d warm to an auto focus largely plastic lens at all. But it’s great, and just what you need on a DSLR to lighten up the overall weight.

      Alas my eyes aren’t so good as they were, and even with the Samsung GX-1S (and the K10D I sold a while back that shares the same 0.95, 95% viewfinder), composing and even auto focusing just tires my eyes so quickly.

      I have pondered a later Pentax DSLR with a live view screen but then the overall size and bulk puts me off, when I could be using my Ricoh GRD III or Lumix LX3, or Pentax sibling, the fantastic little Q, which gives plenty good enough images and lots of control in a package about 1/4 the size and weight…

      So the Plastic Fantastic for me hasn’t really got a camera to go with it anymore.

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