For Sale

As regular readers will know, I’ve gradually purged my collection down from 50+ cameras and at least as many lenses a couple of years ago, to just a handful.

After testing hundreds, those that remain are the very best of the best, in my view.

Still, I have too many.

So this page is to offer a few more for sale, so I can focus my energies on enjoying the last remaining few.

All prices include postage and packaging via First Class Royal Mail.

I’ve looked at the market value of similar sold items on eBay recently, and taken a chunk off, partly because we’re all friends here and I want the kit I’ve loved to go to an equally appreciative new home, and partly to sell them more quickly.

All kit is available to UK buyers only please – the shipping costs further beyond is not worth it for these relatively inexpensive items.

Payments by PayPal only please, direct to my email address.

First come first served with all items, I’m not interested in bidding wars!

If there’s something you’d like to buy, or would like more details about, please get in touch with the contact form below. 

If you’re interested in multiple items I’m happy to consider discounts.

Hope there’s something you like and give a loving new home for!

Asahi Takumar 105mm f/2.8 M42 mount lens – £79

I’ve owned at least a dozen Takumars and never yet met one I don’t like. This one is an absolute gem, when shooting on film and a 135mm was a little too long and slow. With my APS-C sensor DSLRs it equated to a 157.5mm field of view, again (for me) far more useful than the 202.5mm a 135mm lens equates to.

The 105/2.8 is very compact and one of the best built and smoothest focusing Takumars I’ve had. The build quality is wonderful.

It’s a preset aperture lens too (I wrote a while back about why you should own one, the brief version is infinitely variable aperture, and quick to stop down when shooting).

Also like virtually all Takumars, it’s capable of sublime pictures.

This one I bought from a collector and it’s in its original Asahi leather case, has the original metal hood, along with a later era Pentax front lens cap and a generic screw on rear lens cap.

It’s been very well looked after, and is cosmetically in excellent used condition (see photos below) and optically very good too, just some very light dust inside as is usual for vintage lenses and in my experience has no visible impact on the images – again see examples below.

It’s a joy to shoot, and I’m sad to see it go, but I just don’t shoot film anymore, and with my only digital camera that I can use it with now, a Lumix Micro Four Thirds, the 2x crop factors makes it 210mm field of view, just too long for me.

A treat awaits you when you buy it!







Ricoh R1 – £27

Probably my second favourite film compact I’ve had, after the Mju-1 and its siblings.

The R1 is little brother to the GR series, and has a 30/3.5 lens, which a switch to change to 24mm. I modified the panoramic shutters (using the tip of a matchstick, so it’s reversible) so you can shoot full frame photos at 24mm, not just the panoramic letterbox shots, which I’m not a fan of.

Fantastic handling (I’m always raving about the handling of my Ricoh digital compacts – this was their predecessor – they got the handling right years ago then barely needed to touch it), great lens, very compact.

The downside with this one (as with most you’ll find) is the LCD has virtually disappeared. You can either use the manual (included) to see how many presses of the flash and mode buttons you need to get to various modes, or just switch it on and use it purely as a point and shoot as I always have done.

Worked fine last time I used it and putting a battery in everything functions as you’d expect.  (Beware when you load a film it’ll instantly unwind it all into the camera, then after each shot is taken, it rewinds that frame back into the film canister).




Samsung GX-1S – £45

For a while Samsung rebadged Pentax cameras, and this is the Samsung version of the Pentax *ist DS2, as I understand.

Same excellent 0.95x 95% viewfinder as the K10D, and essentially it’s like a baby K10D all round. The 6MP CCD sensor produces images that I couldn’t tell apart from my K10D images.

Slightly simplified in features but still all I ever needed with all the usual P, Tc, Av, M modes and a bunch of scene modes I’ve never touched.

Works beautifully with native Pentax K mount lenses, and M42s with adapter (not included).

Also runs on 4AA batteries, so super convenient. I always used a set of Duracell 2500mAh rechargeables which last ages, plus you can always carry a cheap set of standard AAs as a back up.

Like my K10D, I’ve made hundreds of satisfying images with the little GX-1S.







SMC Pentax-DA 35mm f/2.4 lens – £57

The only AF lens I’ve ever had for my Pentax DSLRs, and it’s a little treasure. Super light, pretty fast for a 35mm at f/2.4, and capable of wonderful results.

This hugely exceeded my expectations – no wonder it’s nickname is “the plastic fantastic”!

In very good condition and all works as it should.

Due to the automated aperture, it’s purely for DSLRs that can control the aperture via the camera body. The focus is manual or auto. It will of course mount on a 35mm film Pentax K SLR, and you could focus fine, but you’d be limited to shooting wide open as I understand it.

On my Samsung GX-1S especially this made a fabulous pairing.








Fuji Superia 100 – 4 Rolls x 36 exposures – £16 (4 batches available)

Gorgeous stuff, this along with the Reala incarnation is my favourite colour film I’ve used. All expired, so there’s always a risk, but I’ve shot dozen of rolls at ISO80 and always got beautiful results from it.





So… If you’re interested in any of the above, just drop me a message saying which, along with your email address and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

As I said, I’m happy to consider discounts if you buy more than one item.

Thanks for looking!