One Month One Camera – Feb 2020 (III) – Ricoh GRD III Summary

So this month I’ve been using just the wonderful Ricoh GR Digital III.

Looking back over the month, despite my love of this camera, I didn’t actually take that many photographs. 

This is mostly because of the almost relentlessly wet and windy weather, meaning my usual windows of opportunity for photo walks have mostly been a washout.


Partly though I sense there was something else at work.

The fact that I do like the GRD III so much, and in many ways it’s my ultimate camera, makes it almost too easy to use.

There’s not much of a challenge.

Whilst I appreciate the extended time with one camera that the One Month One Camera project brings, I guess a part of me also enjoys when that focused time is about figuring out a new (to me) camera too, something that doesn’t happen if I pick up a different camera every time I go out.

Today as I write it’s the last day of February, and I managed a few minutes between sleet showers when the sun peeped out to revisit the Cross Processed mode of the GRD III. 


I’ve tried this mode before, and enjoy the shift of colours compared with trying to perfectly capture colours as they are to the naked eye.

I also decided to stick with the 1:1 square ratio from the previous time I used the Ricoh too.

The photographs in this post are my three favourites from the photo walk. 


Next month I have a couple of candidates lined up, and will make a final decision tomorrow, 1 March. Which will have happened by the time you’ve read this.

Thanks for looking.

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