One Month, One Camera – January 2019 (I)

I recently introduced the one month, one camera project I'm trying this year. In short, the plan is to use only one camera each month, to become (even) more familiar with it, and hopefully to eek the best out of it. Whilst this isn't necessarily the plan for every month, for January I'm going with… Continue reading One Month, One Camera – January 2019 (I)

One Month, One Camera – A Project for 2019

Despite having considered a one month one camera project many times, I believe I've only actually done it once. That was back in the summer of 2014 with my then new to me Yashica Electro 35 GTN. I shot a dozen rolls of film and really got to know the Electro, in the midst of… Continue reading One Month, One Camera – A Project for 2019

Five Benefits Of Cameranogamy

After years of cheap flings with over a hundred partners in photography (er, in other words, cameras!), I've come to appreciate and appreciate the joys of sticking to a very small selection. Even if I'm not quite a one camera man (yet), here are five of the major benefits I've appreciated by moving ever closer… Continue reading Five Benefits Of Cameranogamy

The Courageous Quest For The Invisible Camera

Out there, somewhere, there's an invisible camera waiting for you. It may not be the only invisible camera in the world.┬áIn fact it certainly isn't. But it's a camera that when you pick it up, hold it, and squeeze the shutter button, feels as comfortable and instinctive as a favourite old pair of shoes, those… Continue reading The Courageous Quest For The Invisible Camera