Photography With A Point To Prove

For the last few years I've wondered why, despite having found an excellent core arsenal of cameras, I still get something different, something extra, from using a camera that's new to me. I feel I should be entirely happy with cameras I love like the Pentax K100D for colour, and the Ricoh GRD III for… Continue reading Photography With A Point To Prove

To Those Remaining… (My Camera Inventory July 2020)

Periodically I realise I have too much photography gear. My main cluster of cameras starts creeping on to additional bookshelves. A shoebox or two (or three!) is hidden under the baby's cot with cameras I've not looked at in months. I start finding it awkward removing a camera from a shelf, precariously weaving through the… Continue reading To Those Remaining… (My Camera Inventory July 2020)