The Triple Temptation Of Vintage

Over the last few years I've known the allure of vintage cameras and lenses all too well. I've realised this perennial appeal broadly falls within one of three categories, or eras. Pondering further still, I believe the same three can be applied to bicycles too, and no doubt to other objects you may be interested… Continue reading The Triple Temptation Of Vintage

Finding A Fusion Of Beauty, Function And Fun

In seeking cameras, I'm all for looking for the one that performs better than most others for the required purpose. In other words, the best tool for the job. But stray too far into this territory and it can become all about function, with no room for beauty or fun. Something like my (now sold)… Continue reading Finding A Fusion Of Beauty, Function And Fun

How We Choose A Lens To See The World Through

We each have our own unique perspective on the world, like a lens that brings into focus just a small scattering of light in front of us at any one time. Otherwise, like a camera with the lens removed and the light saturating the film frame or digital sensor, everything becomes an incomprehensible super bright… Continue reading How We Choose A Lens To See The World Through

To Those Remaining (Part 1) – My Film Camera Collection

Some 30 months ago, my film camera collection was well out of hand. Obsessed with trying to find the perfect camera (or cameras - one DSLR, one compact), I managed to amass over 50. Many were near identical, either because they were siblings (for example seven of the 11 DSLRs were Asahi/Pentax) or because the… Continue reading To Those Remaining (Part 1) – My Film Camera Collection

One Camera Candidates – Ricoh GX100 Vs Sony Xperia

We spoke the other week about cameranogamy - using just one camera - and some of the major benefits. I'm moving ever closer to this, but I'm not quite there yet. A warning before we go any further - this post is a bit of a gear post. I will probably use phrases like ISO… Continue reading One Camera Candidates – Ricoh GX100 Vs Sony Xperia