The Irresistible Spell Of The Bargain Camera

It's no secret that in the last seven years or so I've shot hundreds of cameras, and owned as many more that I never made a single photograph with.  The cameras I've paid over £100 for I can count on one hand. Those that cost me under £20 I'd need the hands of an entire… Continue reading The Irresistible Spell Of The Bargain Camera

The DSLR Dream – Third Time Lucky?

My past history with DSLRs has given me many highs, but ultimately it's fallen short of giving a consistently enjoyable experience. The first round began around 2014 with a Pentax K-x. I arrived there having loved shooting Pentax M and A series SLRs, their native K mount lenses, as well as M42 lenses via a… Continue reading The DSLR Dream – Third Time Lucky?

A Poet And A Mathematician Walk Into A Camera Shop…

The poet spies a beautiful looking camera with elegant vintage styling, and heads straight towards it. Picking it up carefully, he gently closes his fingers around the curvaceous grip, taking delight in every last contour. It looks right, it feels right, it even smells right. This is a camera he connects with, one which speaks… Continue reading A Poet And A Mathematician Walk Into A Camera Shop…

Retreat, Retreat, The Cameras Are Taking Over!

Two or three years back I had over 50 cameras. Even worse, most were untested, as instead of using one I already had, I was incessantly buying more. Thankfully I'm nowhere near this place again, but I've reached a point where I just have too many cameras. How do I know when this happens? There's a… Continue reading Retreat, Retreat, The Cameras Are Taking Over!