The Camera That’s Taught Me Most

Being more of a hands-on kind of person, rather than meticulously studying an instruction manual before using something new, when it comes to cameras, I've learned most by experimenting, by trial and error. Meaning my photography learning has predominantly come from practical experience, rather than reading. The camera that has been my greatest teacher in… Continue reading The Camera That’s Taught Me Most

Three Things I Love Most About Photography Today

Photography has been a constant pleasure in my life for around 15 years. Here are three things I particularly love about photography right now. 1. Image quality doesn't really matter. A couple of weeks ago my mum sent me a photo of us on my late granddad's birthday in 1993. I know the year because… Continue reading Three Things I Love Most About Photography Today

The Stories We Tell Ourselves (I) – Asahi Pentax S1a

It fascinates me how a convincing and impassioned story can sway our beliefs, opinions and decisions. Not least of all when it's us telling the story to ourselves. This is an occasional series about some of the stories I've woven to myself, to justify a certain decision or purchase. See all posts in the series… Continue reading The Stories We Tell Ourselves (I) – Asahi Pentax S1a