When The Camera Out Resolves The Photographer

A term often used by those interested in the latest photography technology is “out resolve”, as in “this digital sensor will out resolve the lens”. As I understand it, in layman’s terms it means the digital sensor is capable of capturing a higher level of resolution detail than the lens is able to project on… Continue reading When The Camera Out Resolves The Photographer

Why Photography Is All About The Gear (Except Actually It Isn’t At All)

Lately on 35hunter there's been a fairly high proportion of talk around gear.  Which, on a photography blog, surely is inevitable? The exact combination of camera and lens (and film) you use is highly important. Except, it really isn't. Not in the way many would tell you it is. In my experience, where gear isn't important… Continue reading Why Photography Is All About The Gear (Except Actually It Isn’t At All)

The Irresistible Spell Of The Bargain Camera

It's no secret that in the last seven years or so I've shot hundreds of cameras, and owned as many more that I never made a single photograph with.  The cameras I've paid over £100 for I can count on one hand. Those that cost me under £20 I'd need the hands of an entire… Continue reading The Irresistible Spell Of The Bargain Camera

The DSLR Dream – Third Time Lucky?

My past history with DSLRs has given me many highs, but ultimately it's fallen short of giving a consistently enjoyable experience. The first round began around 2014 with a Pentax K-x. I arrived there having loved shooting Pentax M and A series SLRs, their native K mount lenses, as well as M42 lenses via a… Continue reading The DSLR Dream – Third Time Lucky?