The DSLR Dream – Third Time Lucky?

My past history with DSLRs has given me many highs, but ultimately it's fallen short of giving a consistently enjoyable experience. The first round began around 2014 with a Pentax K-x. I arrived there having loved shooting Pentax M and A series SLRs, their native K mount lenses, as well as M42 lenses via a… Continue reading The DSLR Dream – Third Time Lucky?

The Four Greatest Cameras In The History Of The Known Universe*

So here they are, my beloved Gang Of Four, the greatest cameras in the history of the universe.* (*Where "The Known Universe" means the extent of cameras I have actually used in the last decade so can form a reasoned, yet entirely subjective opinion about, and excludes the 17 million I haven't.) I'm not going… Continue reading The Four Greatest Cameras In The History Of The Known Universe*

An Addiction By Any Other Name

Addiction takes on many forms, and can sometimes be a master of deception. A few years back I fell into the trap of buying every last lens and film camera than turned my head, and ended up cycling through perhaps a couple of hundred in as many weeks. The nadir was surveying my "collection" in… Continue reading An Addiction By Any Other Name