Shooting Square Photographs – Avoiding The Obvious

In a recent post we talked about square photographs, and I mentioned I'd be exploring them more in the coming days and weeks. Which I have been. Something that's I'm finding interesting with squares, is trying to find compositions that aren't the obvious ones.  With 1:1, often I'm drawn to shapes and compositions that naturally… Continue reading Shooting Square Photographs – Avoiding The Obvious

Shooting Squares – Rejoicing In The Restrictions Of 1:1 Photography

It started with a Holga 120N, given as a birthday present in 2012, and, in retrospect, a life changing camera. Not only my first film camera, the Holga was my first medium format camera, and the first that only shot square images. Before this, my only association with 1:1 aspect ratio photography was vague recollections… Continue reading Shooting Squares – Rejoicing In The Restrictions Of 1:1 Photography