The Cameras We’ve Forgotten

As you may recall, I haven't photographed often recently, certainly nothing like as much as two or three years ago. So I decided to take a look through my remaining cameras and see what I still had. And, not surprisingly really, I came across a few purchases I'd forgotten about. Here are three - 1.… Continue reading The Cameras We’ve Forgotten

My Old Friend, It’s Been Too Long – Pentax Q Back In Action

Sometimes exactly what you're looking for is right in front of you. Recent explorations into Micro Four Thirds (MFT) options, including trying again with my Lumix GF1, and finding I like it less than ever, led me to pretty much write off mirrorless cameras, and instead resolve to stick with my established twin pronged approach.… Continue reading My Old Friend, It’s Been Too Long – Pentax Q Back In Action

My Favourite Cameras – May 2020

Ah, time for a good old "what are you your favourite cameras" post... I've been photographing with intention since around 2005, first with camera phones, then with a Nikon Coolpix, through hundreds of film cameras, after first stumbling through the entry gate with a humble Holga 120N, and through perhaps as many digital cameras since.… Continue reading My Favourite Cameras – May 2020

If This Camera Broke, Would You Buy Another?

Perhaps the best test of which your favourite cameras are, is to ask one simple question - Q. "If this camera broke, would I buy another?" Here are the current cameras on my shelf, and my thoughts on answering this question.  Pentax Q A. Yes, without hesitation, though I might try a Q7 or QS1… Continue reading If This Camera Broke, Would You Buy Another?

The Colour Quest (IV) – Infrared Photography With The Pentax Q

My favourite camera of the moment (and possibly ever) is the dinky yet divine Pentax Q. It's one of few cameras where I can set up the black and white (b/w) in camera and get results I want straight off the memory card, with zero post processing. This maximises my time out with the camera,… Continue reading The Colour Quest (IV) – Infrared Photography With The Pentax Q