The Curse Of Indecision – And How To Find The Antidote

When I think about the times my photography has been most frustrating, it's rarely been because of the final image. Of course I'm often disappointed with the end photograph, but I'm happy frequently enough to feel I can continue to build a body of work I'm pleased with and proud of. No, when I've felt… Continue reading The Curse Of Indecision – And How To Find The Antidote

Decision Fatigue (And How I’m Escaping)

A journalist interviewing a famous world leader asked "Why do you wear virtually the same suit every day?" Their response, to paraphrase, was "When you have as many important decisions to make as I do in a day, you do all you can to eliminate all the trivial ones." When I was shooting a dozen… Continue reading Decision Fatigue (And How I’m Escaping)