Why I Didn’t Share My Favourite Photographs Of Last Year

A number of the photography blogs I follow have recently shared their favourite photographs from last year, and the top 12 seems to be the most common theme. Whilst I've reviewed the most read blog posts each year, and those I hoped would have been read more, picking my favourite photographs isn't something I've done… Continue reading Why I Didn’t Share My Favourite Photographs Of Last Year

The Trouble With Choosing Your Best Photos

When I edit a batch of photos from my latest photowalk, I'm sure just like you, I only want to keep the very best. I'm fairly ruthless with editing, so it's not unusual to take 100 photos in a couple of hours then delete 80 or 90 of them when reviewing them. But picking those… Continue reading The Trouble With Choosing Your Best Photos

A Poet And A Mathematician Walk Into A Camera Shop…

The poet spies a beautiful looking camera with elegant vintage styling, and heads straight towards it. Picking it up carefully, he gently closes his fingers around the curvaceous grip, taking delight in every last contour. It looks right, it feels right, it even smells right. This is a camera he connects with, one which speaks… Continue reading A Poet And A Mathematician Walk Into A Camera Shop…

How To Choose What To Photograph

With the vast wide world out there waiting, and millions of cameras and lenses available to us, how do we choose what to photograph? I've been pondering this lately and have honed down what and why I photograph. Essentially, I practice two kinds of photography. 1. Family Photography Defined as -  Any photograph of a… Continue reading How To Choose What To Photograph

The Curse Of Indecision – And How To Find The Antidote

When I think about the times my photography has been most frustrating, it's rarely been because of the final image. Of course I'm often disappointed with the end photograph, but I'm happy frequently enough to feel I can continue to build a body of work I'm pleased with and proud of. No, when I've felt… Continue reading The Curse Of Indecision – And How To Find The Antidote