Focusing Tips – The Force Focus Trick

My new (but 10 years old) Lumix FX38 isn't always great at focusing on small objects up close I've found, especially in the generally lower light beneath woodland canopies. It's more the size of the object (and the size of the focusing area of the camera) that causes problems, as I've found by putting my… Continue reading Focusing Tips – The Force Focus Trick

Focusing Tips – How To Rock Out For Optimum Focus Accuracy

Using DSLRs, I oscillate pretty evenly between Auto Focus (AF) and Manual Focus (MF) lenses. And even with my three AF lenses, I use them MF a significant part of the time too. Because many of my photographs are close up - and often at the closest focus of the lens - I often use… Continue reading Focusing Tips – How To Rock Out For Optimum Focus Accuracy