The Most Important Photography Lesson I’ve Learned

My initial forays into photography were via phone cameras. Back then, some 16 or 17 years ago, I knew nothing about cameras really, other than you needed to press the button to capture the picture. From some phone manual or other I found early on that holding the shutter button part way down locked the… Continue reading The Most Important Photography Lesson I’ve Learned

Why I Prefer Manual Focus (Even With An Auto Focus Lens)

Our recent conversation around how hard photography should be, reminded me how much I enjoy certain manual aspects of photography. One of those is manual focusing a lens. With a digital compact I'm quite happy to let the Auto Focus (AF) do the work. But with a DSLR, the pace and the motives are different.… Continue reading Why I Prefer Manual Focus (Even With An Auto Focus Lens)

Focusing Tips – The Force Focus Trick

My new (but 10 years old) Lumix FX38 isn't always great at focusing on small objects up close I've found, especially in the generally lower light beneath woodland canopies. It's more the size of the object (and the size of the focusing area of the camera) that causes problems, as I've found by putting my… Continue reading Focusing Tips – The Force Focus Trick