Photography – Imagined Or Discovered?

When I'm out with camera, my general approach is to look for things I find beautiful, then try to capture them in a way that will adequately convey that beauty to others. My photography is about discovering what's already there, removing the extraneous from the frame, and making a permanent record of it, for myself,… Continue reading Photography – Imagined Or Discovered?

Still Life Photography (Found In The Back Of Beyond)

The phrase "still life" might conjure images of classic oil paintings of bowls of fruit, with perhaps an elegant vase and a draped curtain, all carefully arranged and softly lit so as to be aesthetically pleasing. With photography, I thought, I have little interest in such compositions, and especially ones that are staged. But in… Continue reading Still Life Photography (Found In The Back Of Beyond)

Found Photography – And Why It’s My Only Approach

Do you prefer to photograph what you find, as you find it, or set up your compositions like a stage? In many areas of creativity in the past I've found that imposing limitations on myself is freeing, converse to what might seem logical. By defining the edges of the box, we're able to start filling… Continue reading Found Photography – And Why It’s My Only Approach