The Myth Of The Perfect Camera (Why Familiarity Beats Compatibility)

There are two routes to go with photography, especially when you're nearer the beginner end. The first is to get a camera, try it for a little while, then conclude it's not for you, sell it, and get a different one instead. This is probably fine once or twice, but if it starts to become… Continue reading The Myth Of The Perfect Camera (Why Familiarity Beats Compatibility)

The Ever Evolving Perfect Camera

Fifteen years ago, the perfect camera was the Sony Cyber-shot camera phone I had with me wherever I went. It was more than good enough to capture pictures of dew dappled cobwebs, smouldering sunsets and decaying leaves. Post processing meant simply plugging the camera into my PowerBook and uploading the images, then sorting through and… Continue reading The Ever Evolving Perfect Camera