Long Live The Legends Of Lumix

It's funny how we have certain concepts and beliefs around particular brands. Perhaps 10 years ago, before I'd seriously got into photography - and cameras - I was vaguely aware of a few different manufacturers, and had formed opinions of them based on the very little information and experience I had. Panasonic Lumix seemed to… Continue reading Long Live The Legends Of Lumix

The Camera That Killed My Curiosity

From around mid-2012 to mid-2020, I had a great thirst for new (to me, but old) cameras. This desire certainly dropped off in latter years, as I stopped shooting film (mid-2017) and then realised further that once you've discovered even a couple of digital cameras you love, there's little point in keep trying out more… Continue reading The Camera That Killed My Curiosity

The Myth Of The Perfect Camera (Why Familiarity Beats Compatibility)

There are two routes to go with photography, especially when you're nearer the beginner end. The first is to get a camera, try it for a little while, then conclude it's not for you, sell it, and get a different one instead. This is probably fine once or twice, but if it starts to become… Continue reading The Myth Of The Perfect Camera (Why Familiarity Beats Compatibility)

What Does Your Camera Collection Say About You?

In my late teens and early 20s, being a young man trying to find his way in the world, I was hugely interested in music, and books. More than that, I was, unconsciously at first, building a collection of books and CDs that I felt defined the person I was, what interested me, moved me,… Continue reading What Does Your Camera Collection Say About You?