The Irresistible Spell Of The Bargain Camera

It's no secret that in the last seven years or so I've shot hundreds of cameras, and owned as many more that I never made a single photograph with.  The cameras I've paid over £100 for I can count on one hand. Those that cost me under £20 I'd need the hands of an entire… Continue reading The Irresistible Spell Of The Bargain Camera

Remembering Your Never Ever Camera

We recently talked about finding our "Forever Camera", the one we could settle on for the rest of our photography days. But what about your "Never Ever Camera", the most awkward, clunky, frustrating and disappointing camera you've ever used? The one you couldn't wait to see the back of and would never ever touch again… Continue reading Remembering Your Never Ever Camera

It Was The Best Of Sites, It Was The Worst Of Sites – They Called It eBay

I'll pin my (red, blue, yellow, green) colours to the mast right from the outset. I've used eBay since 2002, and if it wasn't for this one site, I wouldn't have discovered the hundreds of amazing (and not so amazing) cameras I've experienced using over the last six or seven years. But there in one… Continue reading It Was The Best Of Sites, It Was The Worst Of Sites – They Called It eBay

The Difference Between Travelling And Just Getting There

With cameras, for a long time I was looking for the perfect one camera that does everything. It doesn't exist. Since I've rediscovered cycling, the same hunting pattern has emerged. After purchasing an ebike to replace my car for commuting to work and most of my local trips - including photo shoots - I hoped… Continue reading The Difference Between Travelling And Just Getting There

My Ever Shrinking Camera Collection

In the last year my collection of cameras has decreased to essentially two 35mm film SLRs, a DSLR, a few digital compacts and my Xperia phone. In reality I haven't shot any film in perhaps 18 months now, and in the last three months have only picked up three of the digitals, using my phone… Continue reading My Ever Shrinking Camera Collection