New Experimental Vistas – Black & White

A little while back I wrote about experimenting with AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 at different exposures. Since then, I've been trying Vista Plus as a black and white film. First, some background as to why -¬† Cheap film. AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 is the cheapest film available - ¬£1 a roll at Poundland. I have… Continue reading New Experimental Vistas – Black & White

New Experimental Vistas – Exposure Bracketing

With a typical ISO200 colour negative film, you'll only get worthwhile¬†results if you expose it perfectly at box speed, correct? I decided to test this theory with a recent experiment. The film I chose was AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200. This film is rebranded Fuji C200, their cheapest film, which I prefer to the more expensive… Continue reading New Experimental Vistas – Exposure Bracketing