Sugar Rush (Why This Big Kid Has Such A Sweet Tooth For Expired Film)

One of the delights of film photography is the range of film emulsions available. With brand new film there's still enough of a range available to suit every need for an enthusiastic amateur like me, from the very cheap yet surprisingly versatile and impressive AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 upwards. But if you're prepared to delve… Continue reading Sugar Rush (Why This Big Kid Has Such A Sweet Tooth For Expired Film)

New Experimental Vistas – Black & White

A little while back I wrote about experimenting with AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 at different exposures. Since then, I've been trying Vista Plus as a black and white film. First, some background as to why -¬† Cheap film. AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 is the cheapest film available - ¬£1 a roll at Poundland. I have… Continue reading New Experimental Vistas – Black & White

New Experimental Vistas – Exposure Bracketing

With a typical ISO200 colour negative film, you'll only get worthwhile¬†results if you expose it perfectly at box speed, correct? I decided to test this theory with a recent experiment. The film I chose was AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200. This film is rebranded Fuji C200, their cheapest film, which I prefer to the more expensive… Continue reading New Experimental Vistas – Exposure Bracketing