Photographer Wishlist – Do You Have One?

Since starting to read more photography books, as well as noticingĀ a sharp decline in my overall consumption of photographs, I've started a photographer wishlist. Now, I'm pretty fond of wishlists, from books and music on Amazon, to camerasĀ I'd like to try. After reading a couple of photography books that featured multiple photographers - and enjoying… Continue reading Photographer Wishlist – Do You Have One?

Camera Wishlist – Should You Have One?

I've always been a big fan of wishlists. They've been both a huge help and a headache of a hindrance at different times in my photography journey. Here's how I've used them, and how to work out whether they might work for you (or not!). In my early twenties when I was interested in a… Continue reading Camera Wishlist – Should You Have One?