Why I Prefer Manual Focus (Even With An Auto Focus Lens)

Our recent conversation around how hard photography should be, reminded me how much I enjoy certain manual aspects of photography. One of those is manual focusing a lens. With a digital compact I'm quite happy to let the Auto Focus (AF) do the work. But with a DSLR, the pace and the motives are different.… Continue reading Why I Prefer Manual Focus (Even With An Auto Focus Lens)

Coming Back To What You Know

Recently I've found myself coming back to some older things I'm familiar with. Partly perhaps as a natural reaction to the endless stream of changes made necessary by 15 months and counting in some form of lockdown due to a global pandemic. And perhaps partly just because I really enjoy these things I've returned to.… Continue reading Coming Back To What You Know

An Old Friend, Back For The Summer?

After using almost nothing but my phone camera and the Lumix FZ38 bridge camera for about eight months, I had the urge yesterday to return to a DSLR. And of course to this Pentax devotee, that means only one option. Well, only one brand, I should say, I do have four Pentax DSLRs. One of… Continue reading An Old Friend, Back For The Summer?

You Can’t Go Home Again, Can You? The Samsung GX-1S Returns

Back in 2017 I discovered a game changing digital camera, the Pentax K10D. Its colour output, plus general handling and pleasure to use, meant I never looked back at the very capable and adaptable, but ultimately soulless (in body, and in the final image) Sony NEX 3N I had on heavy rotation with manual lenses… Continue reading You Can’t Go Home Again, Can You? The Samsung GX-1S Returns

One Month One Camera – July 2020 (III) – The Perfect Balance?

For July I embarked on another chapter of my ongoing One Month One Camera (OMOC) project.  You can read the original premise here, or see all OMOC posts here. This time around I used my Samsung GX-1S, a Pentax K mount DSLR from 2006 with a 6MP sensor and nothing more than the essentials, not… Continue reading One Month One Camera – July 2020 (III) – The Perfect Balance?