Camera Design – The Difference That Makes The Difference

Once you've been photographing a while and have settled on a narrower path of obsession, the differences between the few cameras you use become less. But in some ways this makes them even more prominent. I've been shooting mostly with my Pentax K-30 for the couple of months, and now I've settled on colour and… Continue reading Camera Design – The Difference That Makes The Difference

One Month One Camera – July 2020 (I) – Samsung GX-1S

The last three months I've relaxed my One Month One Camera (OMOC) project, which has coincided with my usual annual return to predominantly shooting colour with my favourite summer cameras. This month, July, my plans are similar, but I do want to return to just one camera, rather than flitting between three.  The camera I've… Continue reading One Month One Camera – July 2020 (I) – Samsung GX-1S

My Favourite Summer Cameras

Over the last few years, I've noticed a definite seasonal pattern in the cameras I use, and the type of photographs they encourage. Broadly speaking, over the late autumn, winter and early spring, I favour digital compacts like my Ricoh GRD III and Lumix LX3, and their high contrast monochrome settings. Come late spring, there's… Continue reading My Favourite Summer Cameras

How I Stop My Head Exploding – Narrowing The Photography Obsession

The world is a vast place. It's impossible for any one person to follow any more than a tiny fraction of the subjects, developments and information that's constantly changing. The same reasoning applies even once we choose a single topic. Let's say, photography, for example. The number of styles of photography, equipment available, and even… Continue reading How I Stop My Head Exploding – Narrowing The Photography Obsession

The Best £15 You Can Spend On Your DSLR

My first DSLR was a used 2009 Pentax K-x, in 2014. At this point I'd already been shooting film SLRs a couple of years and had fallen for a number of vintage manual aperture, manual focus lenses, like the peerless Takumars, and the Helios 44 series. In researching DSLRs, I was delighted to discover that… Continue reading The Best £15 You Can Spend On Your DSLR