Zero Processing – An Impossible Dream?

The enjoyment I get from photography can essentially be split into two parts. About 75% is the experience of exploring somewhere out in the countryside with a camera. The other 25% is having the final result, or image. This proportion does fluctuate, for example more than once I've shot a whole roll of film only… Continue reading Zero Processing – An Impossible Dream?

Giving Thanks

For just over seven years, I've had a daily (morning) practice of yoga. Over time it's evolved to include meditation at the beginning, and simply giving thanks. All the latter involves is verbalising (at least in my head) five things I'm thankful for at the end of the yoga. Others call this kind of act "daily gratitudes"… Continue reading Giving Thanks

These Three Photographs – Street Strangers

This is the third in this new series called These Three Photographs, where I share three photographs on a similar theme and talk about what they mean to me. This time around, street strangers. As a brief background, I hardly ever take any photographs of people outside of my immediate family. I love the IDEA of… Continue reading These Three Photographs – Street Strangers

Eight Golden Rules For Rewarding Photography

I'm a firm believer that limiting your creativity encourages it to flourish. Plus, having a pretty minimal and simple outlook in life in general, guidelines support this too. It's the opposite to having unlimited choice. Whilst initially this freedom seems like some kind of nirvana, for me it usually ends up with overwhelm and anxiety,… Continue reading Eight Golden Rules For Rewarding Photography