The Irresistible Beauty Of Imperfection

For whatever reasons, I'm far more comfortable with a camera that is used, than something brand new. Partly, I like the challenge of using something that isn't considered the latest technology, sometimes not even by 15 or 20 years. Partly it's because I don't want to be wading through a thousand menu options to set… Continue reading The Irresistible Beauty Of Imperfection

Finding A Fusion Of Beauty, Function And Fun

In seeking cameras, I'm all for looking for the one that performs better than most others for the required purpose. In other words, the best tool for the job. But stray too far into this territory and it can become all about function, with no room for beauty or fun. Something like my (now sold)… Continue reading Finding A Fusion Of Beauty, Function And Fun

Giving Thanks

For just over seven years, I've had a daily (morning) practice of yoga. Over time it's evolved to include meditation at the beginning, and simply giving thanks. All the latter involves is verbalising (at least in my head) five things I'm thankful for at the end of the yoga. Others call this kind of act "daily gratitudes"… Continue reading Giving Thanks