The Four Pillars Of My Photography World

Anyone who’s read more than half a dozen posts on 35hunter will have noticed a common thread about keeping things simple.

This post is a, er, simple overview of my photography world, and the four major pillars within it.



I mostly read other people’s photography blogs like those of Jim, Peggy Anne, Frank and Wouter. I’ve also read a few photography history and biography books, a how to here and there, and a few collections of photography. I would like to read more books this year.

In the past I’ve also read a lot of articles and reviews online about various cameras and lenses, as well as the core principles of photography. In fact, I’ve probably learned more about the basics of shutter speed, aperture and ISO/sensitivity from reading two or three camera manuals than any other source.



This goes hand in hand with reading. Most of my writing is for 35hunter. The main purposes are to connect and share with other photographers and bloggers, as well as making sense of my own thoughts and processes around where I am with photography, and where I’d like to be heading.

But I also write a considerable amount in the way of replies to other people’s blogs, and on forums, though the latter has decreased recently as virtually all forums tend to be very gear based, rather than the deeper, more emotional and philosophical sides of photography I prefer.



Walking is my main exercise (along with a daily yoga practice each morning). I love walking, it clears my head, helps me think more clearly, and I just like the feeling of being out in fresh air. Walking enables me to process what I’ve been reading, as well as formulate what I’m going to be writing.

Walking also of course enables me to see different places, each with their unique opportunities to photograph. Even if I don’t have a camera with me (which is hardly ever, as I always have my iPhone with me, if no other camera), I use the camera that is my eyes and mind to seek out and capture potential photographs as I walk.


Making Photographs

Of course, this in central to my photography life. I photograph to find beauty and share it with others, to try to remind us that maybe that world isn’t as dark and terrifying as some would have us believe.

But photography couldn’t exist without the other pillars in my photography world.

I need reading to stay stimulated, inspired, in touch with others, and to continue learning.

I need writing to figure out my own path, then reach out to others and see how our journeys are similar, and different.

I need walking to get me away from everything for long enough to be in a good place to photograph – mentally and physically.


These then are the four pillars of my photography world. What does yours look like? 

Please let us know in the comments below (remember to tick “Notify me of new comments via email” box to follow the conversation).

Thanks for reading. Please share this post with others you feel will enjoy it too.

6 thoughts on “The Four Pillars Of My Photography World”

  1. Thanks for the mention of cameragocamera, I always find it weird to see my blog on another one that I like to read. I tend to carry a camera with me, so my eyes are always searching for things to photograph too. Even if I don’t take the shot my mind does. That’s especially true when driving and it isn’t possible. I try to remember places and put a placemark on a map to return to it later.

    1. You’re welcome! Yes I seem to find I’m constantly making photographs in my mind too, even if I have a camera in my pocket. Sometimes it’s enjoyable just to do that without needing to capture it with film/pixels.

  2. Dan,
    You are the only photography blog I follow, I am reading my way through the manual to my digital camera which I have never bothered to do until now and so enjoying learning new things. I explore my home with my camera and look for new ways to appreciate both. I also walk and love the constantly new things I find as I walk and take one or two photos. i enjoy seeing my photos on my lap top and TV and on the camera itself. I am always inspired by you,, Dan. thank you lots of love from susanJOY

    1. Susan, thanks for your comments. Yes I remember you love walking. I don’t know where I’d be without it, I would say it’s more important than photography!

      There is much to be learnt from a couple of decent camera manuals. Not just about a specific camera, but about light and exposing and composing generally.

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