Writing With Feeling, Sharing With Soul

We recently talked about why blogging is alive and well. That said, for me the majority of blogs (especially those focusing largely on cameras and/or bicycles) tend to be very much focused on the technical, statistical side, with reviews and the like. Or they just feature photographs that rarely transcend the ordinary. Amidst the mediocrity,… Continue reading Writing With Feeling, Sharing With Soul

35hunter And The Future Of Writing

Nearly three years after starting 35hunter, the time's come for an important decision about its future. When I began, the intention was to write about my ongoing photography journey. Back then I was using 35mm film compacts almost exclusively, having discovered film three years previously. Indeed early draft titles included thirtyfivetwopointeight.com, after the lens spec… Continue reading 35hunter And The Future Of Writing

The Four Pillars Of My Photography World

Anyone who's read more than half a dozen posts on 35hunter will have noticed a common thread about keeping things simple. This post is a, er, simple overview of my photography world, and the four major pillars within it. Reading I mostly read other people's photography blogs like those of Jim, Peggy Anne, Frank and… Continue reading The Four Pillars Of My Photography World

The Necessity Of Narrow Focus

When I began this blog some 18 months ago, I had the intention of sharing both photography and writing. Not just writing reviews about cameras and lenses, but writing that was interesting and thought provoking within itself, regardless of the surrounding images on the page. I feel I've drifted somewhat from that original aim. So… Continue reading The Necessity Of Narrow Focus