Photography NOW!

35hunter has so far been purely a series of chronological blog posts. I’m looking at adding a few static pages for new visitors to find out more, if they wish to.

I know when I discover a new blog, if I like a few posts, I then usually look for more about the author.

My first post back in December 2015  was something of an “about me” page, but the trouble with these is often people write them when they begin a blog, then six months, a year, two years later the text hasn’t changed, even though the life of the writer may well have changed significantly.

If I look back a year at how I was photographing, it is indeed considerably different to today.


So, serendipitously, I came across a post on Derek Sivers’ blog about an alternative to “About” page, called a “Now” page.

So I’ve set one up here on 35hunter, which I will updated every month to reflect, well, what’s going on right now in my photography world. You can see a link also in the top right corner of the page.

Where are you right now with your photography?

Feel free to borrow the idea and add a Now page to your blog and a link to it below. Or just tell us directly in the comments. We’d be really interested to hear.

Thanks for reading. Please share this post with others you feel will enjoy it too.

17 thoughts on “Photography NOW!”

    1. Hi Frank, no I’ll update the Now page as it’s a static page that will always be accessible from the bar at the top of every page.

      How’s your photography right now? 🙂

      1. Frank I think the Now page can be (or at least it is my intention with mine) to state honestly where we are. It’s not just a “fairweather” thing.

        If we’re feeling uninspired or not in the mood to photograph, then write that down. Then it’s a starting point for the next step forward…

      2. I haven’t been on Facebook for eight years, but if people still predominantly post attention seeking poor little me updates, and that’s what you mean by “Facebook style” Frank, then yes I completely agree with you!

    1. I think the key will be making it obvious where it is. So as well as having it as a link top right of page, I might have a few words at the end of each post saying “see where I’m at with my photography right now” plus the link.

      Having said that, even if no-one else reads the Now page, I think it’s still useful to have to track our own progress and direction.

  1. Dan,
    I am still photographing around my home, out on my walks and when i am out and about and also at art galleries I go to. I then put a lot of the images onto my wall paper on the lap top and the photos rotate one at a time when I get on the lap top. I am working my way through the camera manual to learn new things about my camera. I am then hoping to take an online course lots of love from susanJOY

    1. Susan having your photos as your laptop wallpaper is a great idea. I’ve very recently invested in a couple of digital photo frames for picture of the family at home. It just changes picture every five minutes – not so often it’s distracting, but often enough to keep it fresh and interesting compared with one static picture.

      1. Dan,
        I am considering a digital frame but can’t quite decide if there is anywhere in my home that I can view them. I move about my home so much. I am considering near my TV as I do watch a bit of TV in the evening and having the frame there would be nice to see out of the corner of my eye xox susanJOY

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