Photography Now!


I regularly update my Now page with what I’m currently up to with my photography currently, most recently 15 August.

What are you doing with your photography right now?

Please let us know in the comments below (and remember to tick the “Notify me of new comments via email” box to follow the conversation).

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15 thoughts on “Photography Now!”

  1. I’m shooting an outdated (2012) 24-exposure roll of Delta 100 (a film I haven’t used in years) in a (borrowed) Nikon F6. This despite my determination to stop experimenting. Sigh…

      1. I would say yes absolutely! Up to a point… If you’re constantly experimenting it can be frustrating not making progress in any one direction. I think finding the balance of experimentation that works for each of us is crucial.

      1. It’s discouraging, in a way. Lots of energy, lots of time and a fair amount of money, and I have nothing to show for it. I keep thinking I may be able to improve on the equipment and materials I’ve been using for the last 50+ years and the process I’ve been using for the last five years and it hasn’t happened yet.

      2. I guess I keep hoping my photography will be “better” in some way. But in the end it’s all about the prints and the number of keepers on my experimental rolls is minuscule compared with the results using my tried and true equipment, materials and process.

      3. The trouble is, I think sometimes one satisfying and very different experimental photograph can be more rewarding than yet another almost perfectly beautiful image of the subjects we know inside out. I remember the joy I felt in shooting my first roll of film with a pinhole camera I made from an old Kodak Instamatic which I modified to take 35mm film, and had a lens made with a pin prick in a foil baking tray!

    1. Looks a good project Joseph. I’m curious why you’ve added details about camera, aperture etc in the more recent photos, is this for your reference?

      1. I’m working on how I want to format my posts. I want it to be simple. I like the photos to speak for themselves. However, I recognize that people will ask “what and how did you shoot that?”

      2. Absolutely agree with you about wanting the photos to speak for themselves. I went through a phase of having captions on photos showing the camera, film, lens etc, but then decided it was only encouraging too much analysis of and focus on gear (for me and others) so dropped it.

        I used to have very thoroughly tagged photos on Flickr too and every (film) photo went into an album for camera, lens and film. But again it was just focusing too much in gear rather than just the image. You don’t look at classic photo books and expect to see the details listed.

        I think one time it can be useful is if you’re trying something very experimental and getting a very different and unexpected result, then people might be interested in the method and equipment used.

      3. Excellent points. I’ll drop the camera/lens data.
        I have all that in my lightroom catalogue. I don’t need it here.

  2. I’m working on putting out a somewhat monthly journal to email subscribers and also finalizing a project on my experience of helping my Mom through a terminal illness. Otherwise, just started a 5:30 am swim schedule. Nothin’ much !!

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