If A Blog Post Has No Comments, Has Anyone Even Read It?

You're probably familiar with the philosophical question - "If a tree falls in a forest and there's no-one around to hear it, does it still make a sound?" Well I've been wonder about the blogger's equivalent... "If a blog post has no comments, has anyone even read it?" Generally I'm not one to obsess over… Continue reading If A Blog Post Has No Comments, Has Anyone Even Read It?

The Difference Between Travelling And Just Getting There

With cameras, for a long time I was looking for the perfect one camera that does everything. It doesn't exist. Since I've rediscovered cycling, the same hunting pattern has emerged. After purchasing an ebike to replace my car for commuting to work and most of my local trips - including photo shoots - I hoped… Continue reading The Difference Between Travelling And Just Getting There

How Deliberate Is Your Photography?

I can’t recall the last time I left the house without my phone. As it has a very competent camera on board, this means I haven’t left home without a capable camera for longer than I can remember. Surely this fact, combined with my passion for photography, must mean that every journey I make is… Continue reading How Deliberate Is Your Photography?

How To Control The Compatibility And Cable Chaos Of Digital Cameras

It'd be very easy for me to pick up a new (used) digital classic camera or two every week, such is their availability and appeal. My recent experiments with three different 4MP cameras didn't help, proving to me that they were ample for my kind of photography, so the potential wealth of cameras out there… Continue reading How To Control The Compatibility And Cable Chaos Of Digital Cameras

The Photography Workout

Photography is an excellent workout for mind, body and soul. Here's why - Photography exercises my eyes, by encouraging me to look for beautiful objects, scenes and compositions that I otherwise might just walk straight past. Photography exercises my legs, as the places I go to photograph I travel to by bicycle, on foot or… Continue reading The Photography Workout