One Killer Question To Enhance Your Photography Editing Overnight

Are you keeping and sharing only your very best photographs? Or do you struggle to sift out the mediocre from the magnificent, and end up keeping the whole lot - and making most of them public? We've talked before about being more ruthless with editing, and four questions to help with this. Here's another question… Continue reading One Killer Question To Enhance Your Photography Editing Overnight

How To Blog Quietly

Ask me to name three things that cause me most stress and anxiety in day to day life, and I'll reply noise, mess and rushing.  Having young children, there are often occasions where all three collide head on and challenge my patience to - and well beyond - its breaking point. So when I retreat… Continue reading How To Blog Quietly

How To Support The Blogs And Communties You Love

As I’ve spoken about previously, aside from enjoying the writing and thinking out loud my blog provides, a major reason for having a blog at all is to create and grow a community of like minded people. I could just jump on an existing site or social media platform but I prefer to do things… Continue reading How To Support The Blogs And Communties You Love

How To Double Your Blog’s Page Views In One Month

This isn't a post title I anticipated writing when I began my 36 hours publishing experiment at the start of January. My intention with that experiment was twofold. First because I had 100 posts in draft and wanted to get more finished and published. And second to see if publishing at different times has an… Continue reading How To Double Your Blog’s Page Views In One Month

The First 300

According to my WordPress dashboard, my last post was the 300th I've published on 35hunter. Not yet quite as many as my last blog, but a pleasing landmark nonetheless. And as I've talked about before, one of the best aspects of blogs is they create an ever growing body of work. The more articles you… Continue reading The First 300