The Rise Of The New Digital Classics

When 35hunter began, I was deeply embedded in shooting film. But since May 2017, I haven't shot a single frame. The last two and half years that's defined my digital-only era, has almost entirely been one of experimentation with cheaper, older digital cameras that are rarely given a second glance by those in the most… Continue reading The Rise Of The New Digital Classics

The Secret Magical Teaching Tool Of A Digital Camera

If I had to give just one reason why these days I shoot 100% digital and not film, it comes down to this. With digital, you have immediate feedback about how your decisions in setting up the camera to make a photograph worked out.  If the image is a disaster, it doesn't matter. You can… Continue reading The Secret Magical Teaching Tool Of A Digital Camera

How To Find Your Camera’s Unique Place And Purpose

If we're going to have multiple cameras, there's little point in having half a dozen that feel and perform essentially the same. Using my Pentax K30 DSLR the last few weeks has reminded of this once more. Here's the story of how.  Back in July I used my new (to me) Pentax K30 for the whole month,… Continue reading How To Find Your Camera’s Unique Place And Purpose

Why I Love And Hate DSLR Viewfinders In Equal Measure

Returning to using a DSLR for July, one of the main reasons was to enjoy composing and focusing with a viewfinder (VF) again, after almost two years of predominantly using digital cameras with Live View (LV) screens. It's reminded me why I love - and hate - using a VF! Here are the reasons -… Continue reading Why I Love And Hate DSLR Viewfinders In Equal Measure

DSLR Photography For £50 Or Less

An enduring theme on 35hunter has been photography on a budget. Previously, we’ve talked about how to get started with film photography for £27, and then even less that, around £12. The ongoing costs of film processing and scanning make it unsustainable for some (myself included), so I've also written about digital options, such as… Continue reading DSLR Photography For £50 Or Less