Photography Now!

Each time I go to update my About Now page, I estimate around a month has passed since the last time.

It’s always longer, on this occasion over three months!

I’ve just updated it today, please check it out – About Now.


What are you up to with your photography at the moment?

Please let us know in the comments below (and don’t forget to tick the “Notify me of new comments via email” box to follow the conversation).

Thanks for looking.

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16 thoughts on “Photography Now!”

  1. Hi Dan, a great idea this About Now page! Thinking of making one too 🙂 I suppose for Now, many people will turn into inside activities (books, tv, editing, writing). Here in France all educational facilities will be closed from Monday until further notice.
    Me? I’ll just go to the Winchester until it blows over …
    Take care!

    1. Yuri, yes I thought it was a great idea too, that’s why I stole it, ha! What I like is that it’s a page that is to be regularly updated. With the standard “about” page on most blogs it’s either the default WordPress page that hasn’t been updated at all, or it’s a page written when the blog was started years ago and doesn’t fit with where the blogger is currently.

      What’s the Winchester?

      1. Yes makes sense for this kind of page. Keeps it relevant and readers are looking forward to knowing what you up to 🙂

        (It’s a famous quote from the film “Shawn of the dead) that was the first option to pass time and wait for a zombie apocalypse to be over 😉

      2. Ah ok, thanks re the quote!

        I need to be more consistent with my About Now page, I want to update every month not every three. Maybe it should be the first post of every month, that would make it easier to remember.

      1. Oh, July or August … *LOL* No usually we can count on no more serious snow by May. But yes it has been known to come down in the Summer. This morning it’s -20 so I don’t think we’ve seen the last of it yet!

  2. About now, I’m waiting for spring 😀
    This year should be better than the previous years because I believe I have the best lenses I have ever had… I just need to find nice places to photograph that are close to my current work location. Lunch walks have taken me to the same couple of places… but I know there’s more stuff out there to be photographed, and part of the fun is finding it.
    Family pictures are still happening but it’s when I can express some artistic creativity that I am happiest in photography.
    Maybe if I can get enough good material I can start a blog? I’ve been thinking about it but I don’t know if I can keep up the 3 posts a week or so that I’d need to do. My wife has a blog on maternity that is relatively successful in our home country (Brazil) but she sometimes has periods where she just doesn’t post much… and she’s trying to change that.

    1. We’re seeing spring really start blossom here, literally. We have a small magnolia tree in our garden that’s flowered this week, and there are plenty of daffodils and crocuses around the village. On the walk to school there’s a small war memorial fronted by red tulips, and the buds are growing daily…

      It’s always worth exploring new areas – even within familiar areas. This is why I think I’ve always liked close up lenses, they let you see tiny pieces of beauty and block out the mundane surroundings.

      There are places around where I work that I’ve been able to get a few pictures of interest (to me at least!). This one is a repeated subject and is simply the wooden fence surrounding an otherwise very unappealing electricity substation.

      Re the blog, you don’t have to post three new posts a week. I would say perhaps once a week is a minimum for building momentum and a following. If you think about how much you write online anyway (on other people’s blogs, on forums like Pentax Forums), some of those thoughts and words can easily be redirected into material for your own blog. Probably a regular schedule of a post a week that you sustain is better long term than some weeks writing three posts then not writing anything for a month.

      1. Today I saw the daffodils out in the neighborhood, and my neighbor’s tulips have signs that the flowers are going to pop out soon.
        Good pointers on the blog… I’ll keep giving it a good thought, as I want to have a clear direction before I start.
        Thanks for sharing your experiences with it!

  3. I used to have an About page but I took it off to disappear into the woodwork more but I’ve been meaning to put it back on after my remodel to seem more accessible and friendly but I forgot how to do it. For some reason, WordPress is utterly counterintuitive to me but then again my hearing is starting to go again. Tinkering on the dashboard starts out fun but I always end up like a hound chasing its own tail. The boys and I went for a long walk yesterday and I took a few pictures of woodpecker holes in trees, that’s about it 🙂

    1. I think WordPress sometimes tries to be too clever and too customisable. The stuff in the main section seems to change quite frequently. I generally ignore this completely! I always go to my blog, click on “My Sites” top left, then on the dashboard page, down the left column, click on “Site” so the options pop down, then you have both “Posts” and “Pages” one under the other. If you click on “Pages” then it shows the pages you have and there’s a big button to “Add new page”.

      I don’t really use much else than this day to day.

      I know you can have drop down menus etc, for pages but I just have my pages always appear at the top left (I have “About Now”, “Digital Classics” and “Random”), which I think is the default set up.

  4. A now section is very interesting. I am trying lightroom mobile, but I feel my cellphone photos look in that “professional” way that I am not very fond much, I mean when one notices that a photo has been edited moving sliders and so.

    1. Yeh, I know I see a great number of photos that are just too processed, too “digital” looking. The older digital cameras seem to have more character and charm.

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