10,000 Comments Richer

Mostly I use the little notification bell in WordPress to see and reply to comments here on 35hunter. It’s a convenient way of viewing them all in one place, and keeping track of my replies – as you get a little reverse arrow to indicate you’ve done so next to the original comment.

But today because I knew I had a few more to check in with, I went to the specific comments page within the WordPress dashboard.

And there I was amazed to see “Approved 10K” at the top, indicating I have now had 10,000 comments here in the nearly five years 35hunter has been active.

Now, given the importance of comments to me, and that I try to respond to every one, it’s fair to estimate that approaching half of this 10k were my own.

But this said, it still means that there have over 5000 occasions where someone has read a post here and being interested or inspired or moved enough to give a little of their time to leave a comment (and not just “like” a post).

To this end I am humbled and truly grateful for every one, and to everyone who has been a part of the ongoing conversation here.

I’ve often said that my original posts are just a starting point to stimulate conversation around a topic, and more frequently it’s in the comments that the conversation starts to become really interesting, as well as shoot off on interesting tangents.

I couldn’t do that by myself, it would just be my own thoughts reverberating around.

So thank you for reading and for your comments, which have enriched our tiny little corner of the internet here.

Long may they – and we – continue!

What encourages you to comment on a blog post – here on 35hunter, or on any of the other blogs you read?

As always, please let us know in the comments below (and don’t forget to tick the “Notify me of new comments via email” box to follow the conversation).

Thanks for looking.

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21 thoughts on “10,000 Comments Richer”

  1. Congrats on a milestone Dan! Well, in your blog, what you’re doing very well is you always ask questions at the end of every post which is not only a good strategy but also engages newcomers to pick up the conversation.
    Personally, I would comment to an interesting question, if I find the content engaging and interesting to me, if I like the images or text.

    1. Thanks Yuri, and for your ongoing support and contributions. Yes I find many blog posts that I read are very interesting but then kind of stop at the end, without inviting the reader to do anything, so I often don’t make a comment as I’m not sure the writer actually wants anyone to. Some blogs are purely about being a place for one person’s outpourings, rather than having any kind of community engagement.

      1. You’re very welcome Dan. I do find your blog to be very engaging and your writing structure to be quite coherent, simple to read. Good point about some blogs being just a sort of a diary. Mine is sort of a visual diary also I suppose. It’s about what you want out of your blog in the end I think.

      2. Thanks Yuri, yes I always feel you welcome comments on your blog. There is the option to turn comments off of course, so if people have those more diary like blogs where they don’t want comments, that’s the simplest way to avoid them!

  2. I feel like I am talking to an artist, not a gear head, even if there is a focus on gear sometimes (and that is ok too). There is some depth to the conversations and I like that. So I keep coming back 🙂

      1. Ha. I like the one with the many cameras hanging off camera straps. After dealing with graves eye disease and two eye surgeries in 2019, I no longer take self portraits.

      2. Thanks, I like that image too, I was deep in a Konica phase at that point! Sorry to hear about your eye issues. Glad you’re still able to photograph.

    1. Thanks Chris, yes I do think quite a bit, usually overthinking! Glad to have others along who do the same, so much conversation online seems so superficial and trivial.

  3. Well done that man…. super ….. Your spot on Dan in so much as if something tickles my interests… then I sort of feel compelled to comment as I am a firm believer of helping bloggers to understand what is interesting, and to give them the feedback that so many deserve…. Thanks for putting in the time to answer comments… as many times when the comment is “left hanging”… it does sort of make me wonder as to if I am doign the right thing in commenting in the first place…. but hey thats just my views on things… and maybe I am old skool in answering comments that people raise… looking forward… Carry on doing what you are doing Dan… as obviously its working… thanks for all the effort you put into your posts… really look faorward to being notified of a new one… stay safe… best regards.. Lynd

    1. Thanks so much Lynd, good to hear from you.

      Yes hopefully I make it clear that I welcome and enjoy comments here, it’s not just my one way monologues!

      I know what you mean about being left hanging. I do try to respond to all comments, even though it takes a few days sometimes. I’ve stop following
      some blogs because the author hardly every replies to anyone. They have a stream of interesting and supportive comments from readers, but don’t make any response.

      I just find that a bit arrogant and rude – people have given up some of their precious time to contribute, and it’s not even acknowledged, let alone appreciated.

    1. Thanks Khurt! I think it’s partly being curious about what others think about the topic(s) I’m writing about, and partly years of marketing study, where one is advised to always have a call to action at the end of any communication, to continue the conversation.

      1. Which is of course the original definition and purpose of blogs, a weblog, an online equivalent of a journal.

        But I like the potential it brings us to have an audience and built a community. Personally I wouldn’t see the point of having a journal just for me, then publishing it online.

      2. I’ve only been blogging here since 2015, so the social media wave was already riding high. I think there’s a place for the slower, more considered and thoughtful pace of blogs compared with increasingly fleeting and trivial social media.

  4. That’s an amazing number of comments! Not sure how many I’ve had in my blog… certainly not that number. But then I haven’t posted as often as you do.

    What makes me comment on a post? Usually to tell its author that I have read it, enjoyed it and have something to say that will hopefully add to it (or at least, not detract from it, though I’m sure that happens too!) And because, to me, blogs have always been about community.

    1. Val, we’re very much on the same page with our thoughts on blogs and comments. I do think posting regularly helps keep you on people’s radar, and returning to read and share more.

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