Photography Blogging – Sleepers And The Long Tail

After blogging for a few years, you start to notice patterns and trends in the posts published. One overall trend is obvious - the longer a post has been published and out there on the world wide web, the more chance it has had of being read. A pattern I really enjoy seeing is what… Continue reading Photography Blogging – Sleepers And The Long Tail

How To Write 555 Blog Posts

I recently published my 555th blog post on 35hunter. As a pure number, this feels like quite an achievement, and assuming a post is on average around 700 words, it adds up to well over 380000 words. Perhaps enough for four or five novels. This doesn't include comments I've written, which perhaps add up to… Continue reading How To Write 555 Blog Posts

Three Lessons From 500 Posts Of Blogging

Recently, I published the 500th post on 35hunter, which for someone who loves stats and figures, is something of a milestone. It also took me firmly past the 447 posts of my previous blog, making 35hunter the longest running and largest body of written work I've published online. Here are the five most important lessons… Continue reading Three Lessons From 500 Posts Of Blogging

The Three Biggest Turn Offs When Viewing Photography Blogs

I follow around 25 blogs at any one time, all of them chosen as I feel they are well worth my attention. We're each limited in how much time we have, so who wants to waste it on blogs and sites they're not getting anything from? In my explorations, a few common features pop up… Continue reading The Three Biggest Turn Offs When Viewing Photography Blogs

How To Find Time To Write 20 Blog Posts A Month

This calendar year I've been publishing a new post on 35hunter every 36 hours, which averages about 20 post a month. I've found this schedule is a very good balance for me between being able to keep my ideas flowing and giving them more coherence in the form of blog posts, and not feeling overwhelmed… Continue reading How To Find Time To Write 20 Blog Posts A Month