200 Ways To Say…

The previous post was the 200th I've published on 35hunter. No major landmark for those amongst us who have published thousands, and indeed my previous WordPress blog almost reached 450 posts. But a pleasing waypoint nonetheless. So what have those 200 posts been trying to say? In short, I'm on this photography adventure, exploring what I… Continue reading 200 Ways To Say…

Photo Blogging – What Does Success Look Like?

Fellow bloggers, I expect a good few of you are, like me, fascinated with the stats and figures WordPress makes available to us too, to gauge how "successful" our blogs are. For a long time with 35hunter, I was most interested in visitors and page views. Surely, I thought, the more visits and page views… Continue reading Photo Blogging – What Does Success Look Like?

The Week Streak Experiment – One Week On

So seven days ago I wrote about my plans to try publishing a new blog post every day for seven days. Here are my thoughts one week on. What I liked It was kind of exciting being a daily publisher. Plus previously I was frustrated having so many ideas for new posts (and so many… Continue reading The Week Streak Experiment – One Week On

2.79 Days

Since as long as I can remember I've loved numbers and stats. Yep, geek alert! With 35hunter though, I've realised very recently I've been focusing on the wrong numbers.  Visits and page views are far less important to my aims here than your comments. Even with these, numbers are less relevant than content. Quality trumps… Continue reading 2.79 Days

How I Use Flickr To Easily Post Photographs On My WordPress Blog

Welcome, and now we're past the somewhat Smithsian title, on to the meat of the post... When I started 35hunter it was as a free WordPress site, and whilst I now pay a small subscription to remove ads, and have a shorter custom URL, the storage is still pretty limited. So to avoid filling my storage… Continue reading How I Use Flickr To Easily Post Photographs On My WordPress Blog