The Incomparable Comfort Of Camera Curves

My favourite cameras have a few things in common, but possibly the most important is when you pick them up it feels like coming home. Put another way, these cameras fit so well in my hands, the edges between me and them blur, we become as one. Now this isn't purely about the physical size… Continue reading The Incomparable Comfort Of Camera Curves

The Stories We Tell Ourselves (III) – I’ll Just Test One More New Camera, Then Sell The Ones I Like Least…

It fascinates me how a convincing and impassioned story can sway our beliefs, opinions and decisions. Not least of all when it’s us telling the story to ourselves. This is an occasional series about some of the stories I’ve woven to myself, to justify a certain decision or purchase. See all posts in the series here.… Continue reading The Stories We Tell Ourselves (III) – I’ll Just Test One More New Camera, Then Sell The Ones I Like Least…

The Occasional Photographer

Over the last 18-24 months I've photographed far less often. Both the number of times per month I go on a photowalk, and the number of shots made on each walk, have decreased to perhaps half, even a third of my prime shooting rate of a few years previous. I'm now more what I call… Continue reading The Occasional Photographer

These Three Photographs – Spider Webs

This is the latest post in an occasional series called These Three Photographs, where I look back at three photographs I’ve made around a similar theme or subject. You can see previous posts in the series here. This time around, spider webs. There are many natural phenomena that never cease to amaze me with their intricacy,… Continue reading These Three Photographs – Spider Webs