Consumer, Curator, Creator

Which are you? I believe these are three roles we all play at some point, and I wanted to hone in particularly on how we fit each as bloggers and photographers. Consumer In blogging and photography terms, this simply means we read other people's blogs and view their photographs. I spend a considerable amount of… Continue reading Consumer, Curator, Creator

Photography, The Giving, And The Taking Away

In a previous life I trained as a coach and the subject matter aside, it helped me learn better about how I learned better. In other words I understood more clearly the ways I absorb new information and function more effectively. One aspect of this was becoming aware of the differences between an additive versus… Continue reading Photography, The Giving, And The Taking Away

The Camera I Used Most Last Year

Despite takeovers and supposed improvements, Flickr hasn't changed much for me in the last couple of years. This is a good thing - if it ain't broke... But one thing they have just introduced is a stats review of the previous year. Probably the main surprise for me was that my most used camera in… Continue reading The Camera I Used Most Last Year

The Most Important Photography Lesson I’ve Learned

My initial forays into photography were via phone cameras. Back then, some 16 or 17 years ago, I knew nothing about cameras really, other than you needed to press the button to capture the picture. From some phone manual or other I found early on that holding the shutter button part way down locked the… Continue reading The Most Important Photography Lesson I’ve Learned