The Camera I Used Most Last Year

Despite takeovers and supposed improvements, Flickr hasn't changed much for me in the last couple of years. This is a good thing - if it ain't broke... But one thing they have just introduced is a stats review of the previous year. Probably the main surprise for me was that my most used camera in… Continue reading The Camera I Used Most Last Year

All I Need Now Is A Camera Phone?

On the recent occasions where I've been out for a walk without a "proper" dedicated camera, and found something interesting to capture, I've just reached for my camera phone. Currently this is an Android Realme 6 Pro which I introduced previously. The Realme houses the most sophisticated camera I've had in a phone. A relatively… Continue reading All I Need Now Is A Camera Phone?

Shooting Black And White With The Realme 6 Pro

The other day I wrote about my new smart phone, the Realme 6 Pro, and my initial thoughts on its camera and photographic capabilities. You also probably know I don't much like post processing. Despite it being spring round our way, and flowers blooming in abundance, my photography head is still in black and white… Continue reading Shooting Black And White With The Realme 6 Pro

How Does A Smartphone Feature In Your Photography Life?

There's no getting away from the ubiquity of smartphones these days. Virtually everyone in the developed world has one, and most of them have a more than usable camera on board. As I've written previously, I'm not ready to rely purely on my smartphone (currently a Sony Xperia Android) for photography. Nothing against the camera's… Continue reading How Does A Smartphone Feature In Your Photography Life?