Halfway To Heaven – Why I Sold All My Minolta Cameras And Lenses

When I first held my first Minolta - an SR-1s with MC Rokkor-PF 55mm f/1.7 lens - it was as beautiful as any camera I've held before or since.  In use too, both lens and camera felt well built, smooth and oozing class. Its simplicity was as alluring as its handsomeness - no meter, just… Continue reading Halfway To Heaven – Why I Sold All My Minolta Cameras And Lenses

With Eyes Reborn

Whilst my first SLR was 35mm (a Praktica BMS Electronic), I reached a point around three years ago where I discovered that certain 35mm film SLR lenses could be used on certain digital cameras, some directly, others via cheap adapters. This was a game changer for me, and, perhaps perversely, actually fused and intensified further… Continue reading With Eyes Reborn


Since my first taste of film photography in June 2012 I've used maybe 80+ different cameras, and probably 30+ SLRs. I finally feel like I've honed down to my essential SLR collection. I wouldn't rule out any slight variations in the future, but these core seven are all firm favourites, for various reasons. Pentax cameras dominate,… Continue reading Seven