Halfway To Heaven – Why I Sold All My Minolta Cameras And Lenses

When I first held my first Minolta - an SR-1s with MC Rokkor-PF 55mm f/1.7 lens - it was as beautiful as any camera I've held before or since.¬† In use too, both lens and camera felt well built, smooth and oozing class. Its simplicity was as alluring as its handsomeness - no meter, just… Continue reading Halfway To Heaven – Why I Sold All My Minolta Cameras And Lenses

With Eyes Reborn

Whilst my first SLR was 35mm (a Praktica BMS Electronic), I reached a point around three years ago where I discovered that certain 35mm film SLR lenses could be used on certain digital cameras, some directly, others via cheap adapters. This was a game changer for me, and, perhaps perversely, actually fused and intensified further… Continue reading With Eyes Reborn


Since my first taste of film photography in June 2012 I've used¬†maybe 80+ different cameras, and probably 30+ SLRs. I finally feel like I've honed down to my essential SLR collection. I wouldn't rule out any slight variations in the future, but these core seven are all firm favourites, for various reasons. Pentax cameras dominate,… Continue reading Seven