Irreversible Photography – Where The Work Begins

Irreversible Photography (IP) I would define simply as the making a single and final version of a photograph the moment your release the shutter. Beyond that moment there is nothing extra you add or change about the image, no adjusting, or tweaking, or processing. It's irreversible. The only further decision to make is whether it's… Continue reading Irreversible Photography – Where The Work Begins

Irreversible Photography Gets Quter – Pentax Q 07 Shield Mount Lens

Irreversible photography - making images in camera that then cannot be (or are not) altered in any way afterwards - is hugely appealing to me. With my Pentax Q and the 01 Standard Prime 47mm equivalent f/1.9 lens it came with, this is pretty easy. I've set the camera up (using the Quick Dial on… Continue reading Irreversible Photography Gets Quter – Pentax Q 07 Shield Mount Lens

Irreversible Photography (And Why I’m Embracing It)

A trend I'm noticing in my own picture taking is a continual shift towards Irreversible Photography. I'd define Irreversible Photography as making photographs that, once made, can't be altered by any post processing or after effects. My recent explorations into zero processing, and a move away from LightRoom to Hipstamatic have been significant steps, and… Continue reading Irreversible Photography (And Why I’m Embracing It)