The Lenses We See The World Through

Anyone who's switched on a DSLR or mirrorless camera without a lens attached will be familiar with the rush of bright white amorphous light you're greeted with. Without a lens to focus the light in a meaningful way, the world is just a great white hot blur. So, unless we're trying something super experimental, we… Continue reading The Lenses We See The World Through

What The Lens You Choose Reveals About How You See The World

Working on another post about why I enjoy using telephoto lenses (say, 70mm-135mm), I came round to thinking more widely about how the lens we choose at any one time reflects - and is influenced by - what's going on in the rest of our lives. For me, one reason for using telephotos is they… Continue reading What The Lens You Choose Reveals About How You See The World

Lens Love On The Rebound

After buying cameras for a few years, you notice patterns. Indeed it's not unlike relationships. Although they're with different people, the common factor is yourself, so it's likely that familiar cycles will repeat themselves, and hopefully these will be (or become) healthy and positive ones.  Back to cameras, and one I've noticed in my own… Continue reading Lens Love On The Rebound