Humble Yet Heavenly – The Helios-44-2

As I recall, the first M42 lens I owned was a Takumar 55/1.8, a lens that has remained in my core arsenal in some form ever since. The second addition was something I stumbled across in a random junk box at a camera fair. It was battered, with worn paint in many places, and when… Continue reading Humble Yet Heavenly – The Helios-44-2

How We Choose A Lens To See The World Through

We each have our own unique perspective on the world, like a lens that brings into focus just a small scattering of light in front of us at any one time. Otherwise, like a camera with the lens removed and the light saturating the film frame or digital sensor, everything becomes an incomprehensible super bright… Continue reading How We Choose A Lens To See The World Through

Lensoholic – Why I Bought 100 Lenses In 50 Months (Then Sold Nearly All Of Them)

Five years into my film photography journey (and probably a decade since I first began photographing with intention, with camera phones), I have less kit than virtually any time since I began. I talked about the importance of narrow focus recently, and a part of this for me includes the cameras and lenses I use.… Continue reading Lensoholic – Why I Bought 100 Lenses In 50 Months (Then Sold Nearly All Of Them)

The £5 Cheap Lens Challenge – Part 3

In my vintage lens adventures, I’ve rarely come across any that were truly awful. Indeed many have initially been underdogs on paper, but have then surprised me in use. So I decided to set myself a challenge that encompassed the two aspects of my 35hunter approach – finding a lens that met certain criteria, then… Continue reading The £5 Cheap Lens Challenge – Part 3

Lens Addiction – The Allure Of The Infinite Versions

Recently we spoke about how to escape the camera consumption spiral, and how narrowing the parameters has helped me hone down this consumption. More recent still, I shared my favourite lenses - Asahi Takumars - and how really I don't need to look at any other mount, or make. I want to delve even deeper… Continue reading Lens Addiction – The Allure Of The Infinite Versions