One Month One Camera – July 2020 (III) – The Perfect Balance?

For July I embarked on another chapter of my ongoing One Month One Camera (OMOC) project.  You can read the original premise here, or see all OMOC posts here. This time around I used my Samsung GX-1S, a Pentax K mount DSLR from 2006 with a 6MP sensor and nothing more than the essentials, not… Continue reading One Month One Camera – July 2020 (III) – The Perfect Balance?

A Bokeh Dream Set Up For Less Than £50

It's fair to say that, in the full flow of using DSLRs with vintage manual lenses, bokeh is a prominent feature in my photographs.  In fact, the out of focus background is often of greater importance to me than the subject in focus. When I think of bokeh, the first lens that comes to mind… Continue reading A Bokeh Dream Set Up For Less Than £50

The Fabulous 55s

The first SLR I owned, back in 2013, was a late '70s Praktica BMS Electronic, with a Prakticar Pentacon 50mm f/1.8 lens. It turns out that whilst this wasn't the most refined SLR ever made, it was pretty reliable, and the Pentacon 50/1.8 is very decent indeed.  I later went on to enjoy perhaps half… Continue reading The Fabulous 55s

Petri CC Auto 55mm f/1.8 M42 Lens – First Thoughts

Wanting to both streamline and diversify my lenses at once, I discovered this unusual 55/1.8 M42 from Petri. The yardstick for 55/1.8 lenses in M42 mount has to be the Asahi Takumars. I've had half a dozen, and the one that's endured is a very clean Super-Takumar. In the past I've also had a Fujinon… Continue reading Petri CC Auto 55mm f/1.8 M42 Lens – First Thoughts

The Best £15 You Can Spend On Your DSLR

My first DSLR was a used 2009 Pentax K-x, in 2014. At this point I'd already been shooting film SLRs a couple of years and had fallen for a number of vintage manual aperture, manual focus lenses, like the peerless Takumars, and the Helios 44 series. In researching DSLRs, I was delighted to discover that… Continue reading The Best £15 You Can Spend On Your DSLR