The Joy Of Just Playing (Without Recording)

A few months back I revisited the recurring itch to make music that's been with me since my late teens, perhaps earlier. I've never formally learned an instrument, but over the years I've had great fun playing around with guitars, eBows, effects pedals and four tracks, before computers reached the point of being affordable as… Continue reading The Joy Of Just Playing (Without Recording)

The Soundtrack To Photography

When I'm out on a photowalk, I always pick the same soundtrack. That is, quite simply, bird song, the wind in the trees, the rain pattering down, leaves crunching beneath my feet, trickling water, or whatever else nature is providing around me, as I wander through the countryside. For me this is all part of… Continue reading The Soundtrack To Photography

Because Sometimes You Just Want A New Toy

Having three kids under the age of 13 means our house has an abundance of toys. As I'm sure many other parents will attest to, one of the great pleasures of having your own children is the opportunity to play with toys and games again - without fear of any disparaging comments or raised eyebrows… Continue reading Because Sometimes You Just Want A New Toy