Photography And The Joy Of Numbers

My first SLR, bought early in 2013, was a Praktica BMS Electronic. It was vastly more complicated than any camera I'd had before, and to me, its prolific decoration in numbers of various colours was testament to that - and at first utterly intimidating. Let's take a quick tour, from my beginner's perspective back then.… Continue reading Photography And The Joy Of Numbers

Photography Happiness – Escaping The Numbers

If you're a regular here you may have noticed I'm pretty fond of numbers and stats, like the activity this blog sees. My daily routine of yoga/exercise/gratitude is packed with numbers like a Snickers is with peanuts, clocking how many press ups and squats and sun salutations I complete, amongst other things. And with photography,… Continue reading Photography Happiness – Escaping The Numbers

Patterns Amongst Chaos (And The Comfort They Bring)

As a photographer, one tends to look more closely than perhaps the average person, and see beauty in what many would overlook.  Something I've realised as I've grown older is that parts of my personality make up that seem incongruous and incompatible are actually closely intertwined, and different forms of the same root. Take, for… Continue reading Patterns Amongst Chaos (And The Comfort They Bring)

Untethering From Tireless Tracking

I've loved numbers and statistics for as long as I can remember, so any devices or applications that give some kind of virtual dashboard to more, I generally take on with relish. At the start of 2018 I bought a Misfit Ray activity tracker, to see how much activity I engaged in each day. This… Continue reading Untethering From Tireless Tracking

Finding Photography Happiness – It’s Not About The Numbers

A book I'm reading about parenting talks about TV ads, and how we might approach them with children. Essentially the author suggests we gently show our kids how the ad is designed to sell us a product, and we should not take it too seriously. In fact he suggests we turn ad watching into various… Continue reading Finding Photography Happiness – It’s Not About The Numbers