When The Camera Out Resolves The Photographer

A term often used by those interested in the latest photography technology is “out resolve”, as in “this digital sensor will out resolve the lens”. As I understand it, in layman’s terms it means the digital sensor is capable of capturing a higher level of resolution detail than the lens is able to project on… Continue reading When The Camera Out Resolves The Photographer

Why I Love And Hate DSLR Viewfinders In Equal Measure

Returning to using a DSLR for July, one of the main reasons was to enjoy composing and focusing with a viewfinder (VF) again, after almost two years of predominantly using digital cameras with Live View (LV) screens. It's reminded me why I love - and hate - using a VF! Here are the reasons -… Continue reading Why I Love And Hate DSLR Viewfinders In Equal Measure

The Colour Quest (VIII) – The Colour Keeps On Coming

This year I've been exploring colour photography, after struggling in the past to find a colour set up that I'm anything like as happy with as the b/w images made with a number of cameras. The story so far can be read here. Perhaps most important was the last chapter, where my recent acquisition of… Continue reading The Colour Quest (VIII) – The Colour Keeps On Coming

DSLR Photography For £50 Or Less

An enduring theme on 35hunter has been photography on a budget. Previously, we’ve talked about how to get started with film photography for £27, and then even less that, around £12. The ongoing costs of film processing and scanning make it unsustainable for some (myself included), so I've also written about digital options, such as… Continue reading DSLR Photography For £50 Or Less

Using Vintage Lenses On Digital Bodies – A Compromise Too Far?

For the last five years I've been experimenting with vintage manual lenses on modern digital cameras. This came about originally from using the lenses on the 35mm film cameras they were intended for, and delighting in their beautiful build quality, smoothness in use, and the fantastic photographs they could produce. Then, in the spring of… Continue reading Using Vintage Lenses On Digital Bodies – A Compromise Too Far?