Patterns Amongst Chaos (And The Comfort They Bring)

As a photographer, one tends to look more closely than perhaps the average person, and see beauty in what many would overlook.  Something I've realised as I've grown older is that parts of my personality make up that seem incongruous and incompatible are actually closely intertwined, and different forms of the same root. Take, for… Continue reading Patterns Amongst Chaos (And The Comfort They Bring)

How I Photograph

A woodland, a graveyard, Where nature reclaims, Golden frames awaiting, Enticing, insisting, imploring My leading finger's interminably slow tender crush Upon my Comrade's cool crescent curve, And then, once more, The hounds break loose, Coming for us through the trees, A cataclysmic gathering of light, As fifteen billion photons rush recklessly Through seven mystically aligned… Continue reading How I Photograph