Photography – What Not To Share

One of the most useful features of Flickr for me is the option to upload a photo and make it private, ie visible only to me, but then still be able to easily use the image in a WordPress blog post, no differently to any other I have on Flickr. There are photos that are… Continue reading Photography – What Not To Share

8 Reasons Why I’m Happily Sticking With Flickr

Flickr have announced a few changes in recent days which have stirred mixed reactions amongst existing members. I've made no secret on 35hunter before that I'm a big fan of Flickr and have used it extensively for years. It serves a multitude of purposes for me, and I'll continue with my Pro subscription into the… Continue reading 8 Reasons Why I’m Happily Sticking With Flickr

Flickr Master Reset (Or How To Rejuvenate Your Online Portfolio)

When I began using Flickr in 2009 it was for two reasons - a back up of my best photos, and a public "portfolio" of those photos. Nine years and, somewhat shockingly, over 4500 uploaded photos later, I'm thinking about where to go with it next. I still want to use it as an archive/back… Continue reading Flickr Master Reset (Or How To Rejuvenate Your Online Portfolio)