Photography – What Not To Share

One of the most useful features of Flickr for me is the option to upload a photo and make it private, ie visible only to me, but then still be able to easily use the image in a WordPress blog post, no differently to any other I have on Flickr. There are photos that are… Continue reading Photography – What Not To Share

The Trouble With Choosing Your Best Photos

When I edit a batch of photos from my latest photowalk, I'm sure just like you, I only want to keep the very best. I'm fairly ruthless with editing, so it's not unusual to take 100 photos in a couple of hours then delete 80 or 90 of them when reviewing them. But picking those… Continue reading The Trouble With Choosing Your Best Photos

One Killer Question To Enhance Your Photography Editing Overnight

Are you keeping and sharing only your very best photographs? Or do you struggle to sift out the mediocre from the magnificent, and end up keeping the whole lot - and making most of them public? We've talked before about being more ruthless with editing, and four questions to help with this. Here's another question… Continue reading One Killer Question To Enhance Your Photography Editing Overnight

How To Ruthlessly Edit Your Photographs

If you've been an enthusiastic film photographer for even a year or two, no doubt you've made hundreds, if not thousands of images. If you've also used digital cameras, it's highly likely you've edged into tens of thousands. Yes, all those pictures made with your camera phone count too. But how do you choose just the… Continue reading How To Ruthlessly Edit Your Photographs