The Camera I Used Most Last Year

Despite takeovers and supposed improvements, Flickr hasn't changed much for me in the last couple of years. This is a good thing - if it ain't broke... But one thing they have just introduced is a stats review of the previous year. Probably the main surprise for me was that my most used camera in… Continue reading The Camera I Used Most Last Year

Fantastic Flickr Photographers Worth Following

It's widely accepted that Flickr is not the online photography champion it once was, a great shame in my eyes as the dominant platform now, Instagram, falls woefully short in so many areas. But I still use Flickr extensively, as do many others. Here are some of my very favourite Flickr photographers that still post… Continue reading Fantastic Flickr Photographers Worth Following

Online Reading Rebooted – Feedly Six Weeks Later

So about six weeks ago I rebooted by online reading, motivated by having too many emails, and across too diverse a range of sources. For my personal reading, I replaced GMail and WordPress Reader with Feedly. I wanted a single place I could go to browse and read websites and blogs and streams I enjoyed.… Continue reading Online Reading Rebooted – Feedly Six Weeks Later

In Praise Of Blogs, Forums, And The Good Old Fashioned Social Internet 2.0

Recent world events driven by the pandemic have seen some organisations and individuals have to accelerate their online experience exponentially, to rapidly find new ways of communicating, learning and adapting. Talk of the Web 3.0, smart devices and the Internet Of Things has been around for a while of course. It's just got closer, quicker.… Continue reading In Praise Of Blogs, Forums, And The Good Old Fashioned Social Internet 2.0