Photography In A 15 Minute Radius

My typical photowalk begins with a 10-30 minute car trip, before venturing by foot around an ancient church, or a National Trust or Kew garden, like Wakehurst. Lately though, with restrictions in place on travel, I've been using my bike for the work commute, and otherwise explored the village and surrounding countryside on foot. Fortunately,… Continue reading Photography In A 15 Minute Radius

Photo Walks – 9 Ways To Bring It All Back Home

Usually we're free to wander far and wide with our cameras, capturing whatever turns our eye. But in these times of self isolation and limited travel, how can we bring our photo walks back home to us? Here are nine ideas - One Room, Fifty Photographs This is an experiment I've tried a few times… Continue reading Photo Walks – 9 Ways To Bring It All Back Home