Photo Walks – 9 Ways To Bring It All Back Home

Usually we're free to wander far and wide with our cameras, capturing whatever turns our eye. But in these times of self isolation and limited travel, how can we bring our photo walks back home to us? Here are nine ideas - One Room, Fifty Photographs This is an experiment I've tried a few times… Continue reading Photo Walks – 9 Ways To Bring It All Back Home

How To Keep Your Photography Alive This Year

When I look back over past 35hunter posts from months ago, even a year or two back, I'm always shocked at how many comments are from people who used to also have photography blogs, but haven't kept them going - either regularly, or at all. "I wonder what happened to [insert name here]'s photography, I… Continue reading How To Keep Your Photography Alive This Year

Film Photography Tips – Shoot Red!

One of the best tips I read when I was fully immersed in film photography was simply “shoot red”. The theory is that anything red looks pretty great when captured on colour film. And on the whole I found this to be very sound advice indeed. (Ironically, with digital, red is one of the hardest… Continue reading Film Photography Tips – Shoot Red!

Bored Of Photography? 5 Ideas To Reignite Your Passion

Most of us at some time or other feel bored, uninspired or otherwise stuck with our photography. Here are five ideas to help if you find yourself photographically frustrated. 1. Shoot 50 photographs in one room I've tried this experiment twice (the results are here and here) and the premise is simple - lock yourself… Continue reading Bored Of Photography? 5 Ideas To Reignite Your Passion