Unplugging All Over Again

A while back I started some unplugged experiments. Whilst I didn't - and don't - spend vast amounts of time online on what I'd consider meaningless activities, I wanted to hone the quality further, and reduce my overall time each week spent on a device connected to the internet. The experiments went well, and both… Continue reading Unplugging All Over Again

Lessons From The Unplugged – Mindlessness, Focus, And Why What Matters More Than When

My Sundays Unplugged experiments have enlightened me no end. One of the most valuable lessons I've absorbed is that when I unplug is not so important. Staying offline a whole day - or indeed the whole weekend - just for the sake of it, doesn't offer unlimited benefits with no downsides. Far more influential is… Continue reading Lessons From The Unplugged – Mindlessness, Focus, And Why What Matters More Than When

Sundays Unplugged – The Next Phase

My Sundays Unplugged experiment began back in February, with the main intention of spending one day a week completely disconnected from the internet. Here's how it's evolved, and what I'm doing currently. I close the lid on my MacBook early Friday evening, after having lined up a blog post or two ready for the weekend.… Continue reading Sundays Unplugged – The Next Phase

Sundays Unplugged – 10 Weeks On

In late February I wrote about my¬†Sundays Unplugged¬†experiment. The premise was simple - no internet access on my phone on Sundays, and no iPad or MacBook at all. The aim was to spend more time offline with my family, reading, and just not frequently and unnecessarily checking the internet. Ten Sundays later, here are my… Continue reading Sundays Unplugged – 10 Weeks On

Sundays Unplugged

I'm all for little experiments in life to try out new things that might improve the well-being of myself and those close to me. Usually, these changes are motivated by a part of my life that I'm not so happy with. For example, recently I've added extra exercise to the core 20 minutes morning yoga… Continue reading Sundays Unplugged