How To Keep Up With Everything Online

In my own recent experiments with publishing daily and unplugging from the internet, I've been striving to find a happy balance online. One thing that's become a pressing issue for me - and which seems to be something most of us struggle with - is how to keep up with everything.  Here's what I've done… Continue reading How To Keep Up With Everything Online

The Best Place For Photographers To Connect Online

The internet is a wonderful tool for connecting like minded people, as well as giving us a number of platforms and forums for us to meet up, hang out, and share our mutual passions. Recently I've been trying to broaden my horizons, and find new places to meet and talk with fellow photographers. Of course I have… Continue reading The Best Place For Photographers To Connect Online

How The Internet Helps And Hinders My Photography

The internet is a great wonder of the modern world that's transformed our lives.  Without it, I wouldn't know 10% of what I do know about photography, or have owned and used maybe even 5% of the cameras and lenses. But on the flipside, I've lost track of how much time, money and energy I've… Continue reading How The Internet Helps And Hinders My Photography