Why I’ve Stopped Using Snapseed To Process Photographs

Previously I've spoken with considerable enthusiasm about Snapseed and how I use it to process photographs, especially in black and white (b/w). I wrote a post about the 13 second Snapseed b/w process I use to add that little extra mood and contrast I like, to photographs various cameras of mine output. Snapseed is an absolute… Continue reading Why I’ve Stopped Using Snapseed To Process Photographs

LightRoom’s Last Hurrah – Why Adobe Has Lost My Trust And Business

Recently I've been experimenting with Hipstamatic on my iPad for processing digital photos. I'd grown tired of the overwhelming complexity and cluttered interface of LightRoom, and although I do like a lot of what it does, for me it's like using, not so much a sledgehammer, but an entire demolition squad with wrecking balls and explosives,… Continue reading LightRoom’s Last Hurrah – Why Adobe Has Lost My Trust And Business

Why Photograph In Colour?

Since around October (after the day the colours fell) I’ve been shooting almost exclusively in black and white. Aside from there being less colour around to capture, I realised again that shooting in b/w makes it easier to focus on the core aspects of photography - light and shadow, composition, geometry, texture. Regular readers will… Continue reading Why Photograph In Colour?

Adventures In Zero Processing – Hipstamatic + iPad

Recently we talked about the “impossible dream” of zero processing - making photographs almost entirely in camera without then spending as much time (or more) on post processing the images to get the look we want. I have a fairly minimal and effective workflow using LightRoom, but still don't particularly enjoy it. So I've started exploring… Continue reading Adventures In Zero Processing – Hipstamatic + iPad