Fear Of Colour

A few weeks back, my intention was to experiment with colour with my Lumix FZ38. Also, I recently changed my phone, and the Realme 6 Pro I settled upon was another option for colour photography. But despite this, about 95% of photographs I've made since have been black and white. The Realme has a fairly… Continue reading Fear Of Colour

Why Photograph In Black And White?

One of the fundamental choices we make as photographers is whether to shoot in colour or black and white. In the film days of course, this was determined by the film loaded in the camera. We couldn't simply switch between colour and b/w, shot by shot. With digital, we can make this choice every time… Continue reading Why Photograph In Black And White?

Vintage Black And Whites With The Jupiter-37A

Recently in my Lens Love series, I wrote about the Jupiter-37A 135/3.5 and why it's been one of my favourite vintage lenses.  There, I featured a few colour images made with the Jupiter and my Pentax K-30. With this camera, I have settled on two outputs, and saved them in the two custom user modes… Continue reading Vintage Black And Whites With The Jupiter-37A

Making Black And White Photographs In Camera With The Pentax K-m

Photography for me is all about exploring the countryside alone, camera in hand, being immersed in that meditative and restorative experience. I also like the making of a picture to end with me pressing the shutter button. I've wasted too much time in the past with post processing - including scanning negatives myself (torturously laborious,… Continue reading Making Black And White Photographs In Camera With The Pentax K-m

Why Not Everything Looks Good In Black And White

Because, despite a few recent experiments, I’ve all but given up colour photography, black and white has become my default palette. In the past, when I've chosen to shoot b/w over colour for a particular photowalk, I've then been able to seek out the kinds of compositions and scenes that feel better suited to b/w.… Continue reading Why Not Everything Looks Good In Black And White